May 2019
 20 апреля в 18 00   В МУЗЫКАЛЬНОМ САЛОНЕ "У СЛОНА", по адресу  Шоссе Энтузиастов 7, состоялось наше представление "Эволюция Арт"!!!
September 2018
We announce the recruitment of children to our animation studio "Skylark Kolya".   "The spiritual life of the child is full only when he lives in the world of the game,  fairy tales, music, fantasy, creativity. Without it, it's a dried flower. "
March 2018
Navruz is considered to be one of the most ancient holidays in the history of mankind, it was celebrated in Persia (Iran) and Central Asia before the 7th century BC. e. Since this holiday appeared in ancient times, its exact origin is not known for certain.  
March 2018
The premiere took place in a cozy and not at all pretentious Theater on Perovskaya. The performance did not disappoint, but left a pleasant aftertaste: a successful cocktail from the black and white palette of the scenery of the artist Andrei Shchayev, sand animation of Sergei Nazarov, the divine voice of Cecilia Bartoli and the live dialogue of the violin (Vera Salei) and flute (Galina Zarubina)!
June 2017
  Sad ... the memorable date is June 22, 1941.
June 2017
The video was created for the charitable foundation "LIFE".  
November 2016
Congratulations to all Russians on the holiday "Day of National Unity", and we give a creative gift to all our friends and fellow citizens. Sand Animation: Sergei Nazarov. The song "Angel flies" performed by an ensemble Fidget.
October 2016
It's a small article about the play "LIEBOV", another show which will be held on October 21 in Moscow on the stage of art-cafe "Durov" at 20:00, as this we have already mentioned
June 2016
May 27 in the Russian-German House in Moscow was presented the premiere of "Liebov" with elements of sand anima
May 2016
In the capital Salekhard Yamal ended V-th Easter Festival.